Mental Health

Psychiatry Department

Our Mental Healthcare department is a fully functional psychiatric out patient facility with a team consisting of qualified clinical psychologist, psychiatrist and psychiatric social worker. We stress on the aim of alleviating psychological distress from all the age groups of the population, however we have always been inclined towards providing psychological services to the young student population. We have held a number of awareness camps for guardians and students alike educating them regarding the different psychological problems besetting them. In our immediate surrounding of the bustling Laxmi Nagar area, we have been dealing with students who live away from home and are in great psychological stress of performing well academically amidst the everlasting financial crisis around them. Not only the students but the senior citizens, young children and there parents , families living under depression etc. We are being regularly funded by foreign organizations that make our endeavors possible.

What we do

OPD Timings: Morning 9:30 AM To 1:30 PM & Evening 5:00 PM To 7:00 PM